"The whole team winning when everybody eats" 

We want to help low-income independent contractors who provide small job services gain a better income from the skill sets they already have. 


We know the difficulties they face. We can fix them.

The biggest obstacle with independent contractors is finding clientele. We specifically focus on making sure these contractors have a good flow of regular customers through our platform.

The impact

More clientele means more requests means better pay.

An average contractor gets about 2-3 job requests a week. With Clyn's platform, they are projected to have at least 2 a day.



"My dad has been a handyman his whole life, and this would really make an impact to families with parents like mine"

— Jeremy A.

"I'm a plumber myself, and finding new clients is difficult at times. This would really change my business"

— Brian K.

"This is such a great resource especially for me as a independent window cleaner"

— Jesus R.




Take a break from the washing and scrubbing.

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